Monday, August 2, 2010

Pressed Flowers... a month in the making!

Here is a picture of a piece of my garden, Its actually my first pressed flower since i was about oh... twelve!

Not much too it really cut a pretty flower and some leaves, stick it in a phone book, put heavy stuff on top of that and wait for WEEKS while it dries!

Then I GENTLY peeled them up off the phone book, and placed and arranged them on a piece of paper cut to size for my frame.

THE FRAME! OMG! I Love this frame, its the perfect size for a pressed flower! Plus I got it at the salvation army thrift store on saturday, an saturday EVERYTHING was half off at the salvation army! Pickings were slim, because we got there in the afternoon, but i got a bunch of clothes and a few little frames like this one for 50 cents each! I also got a little silver pedistal thingy for 75 cents as well.

ANYWAY back to the frame, the frame had its original tag on it.... 17.99!


  1. wow, that turned out really pretty! Great job.
    Just stopped by to tell you that I am featuring your blog tomorrow.



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