Monday, June 7, 2010

A little about me and what this blog is about.

Hi to the folks on the interwebs, My names Becky. I'm just a fairly normal 25 year old, well other than my general weirdness that is. I've been married for 5 years to my best friend, he's in the army, I just treat the military aspect of my life as something that is just there, sometimes it gets REALLY HARD yes, but it is what it is and everyone has stuff that is REALLY HARD.

I grew up in rural Ohio, REALLY rural Ohio, where traffic jams are caused by tourists who don't know how to pass an Amish buggy. I now live in Colorado, I absolutely adore it here. I am very grateful that the army brought us here and not someplace horrid. Growing up i spent a lot of time with my grandpa in his wood shop learning how things are built, mostly i wasn't allowed to play with the tools, but i was allowed to hand sand paint and stain things! whoooo hooo!

Things to know about me:

1.) I am on a withdraw from veterinary technician school due to a particularly horrible degenerative knee injury, so i have too much time on my hands.

2.) I am mildly obsessed with the Ohio State Buckeyes.

3.) I LOVE color. I lived in a bunch of faceless rentals before we got our house so now my house is painted all sorts of colors that make me happy

4.) If i don't have my coffee in the morning, it is really not pretty.

5.)I am a bit scatterbrained, I always have lots of projects going at once and I do that for a reason, if I have many things to do at once they will all get done eventually but if i just have ONE i lose interest and it never gets done. Pathetic really....

6.) I am a total nerd, I read too much, i watch too much scifi and I love just love learning new things, even if it is pointless...

7.) I have 4 pets, Black cat named phantom on her good days and Satan on the bad days, she has given me stitches more than once... but i still love her. A bloodhound named Beauford Ulysses Beauregard, hes still a pup only 9 months old, very silly. My husband is training him to track... I will never be able to hid again, that dog can find me ANYWHERE, ANYTIME! Max the golden retriever, hes our "old man" hes about 11 years old ( don't really know exactly how old he came from a rescue and all it said was 6-9 years old...) and we have SNOWBERRY the hedgehog, shes a sometimes cranky sometimes cuddly (yes cuddly, even covered with little quills)

8.) I love that I grew up on a farm, I have a good understanding of how things work, how to fix and build them, I like that i know how to work and I am in no way afraid to get dirty!

9.) I love good food. My definition of "good" is probably very different from other people's. But I have a very adventurous attitude when it comes to flavors, but I am allergic to avocados, which is a recent development and i HATE it because i LOVE them.

10.) When i grow up (ie when the husband retires from the army... in 13 years) I want to buy some acreage in the mountains and have horses, veggie gardens, livestock and a pack of dogs. I want to live in a way where the land can give me most of the things i need (i say most because i am not insane or Amish.)

That's a little about me And I hope to get some readers here soon.... hmmm....

I have a love for old and handmade things. Looking at them you can see that love and real effort went into them, and I love to rescue old things that would be headed to the trash, and bringing them a new life. I am a beginner upcycler. Summer is a great time to get unwanted things, and whether they are old, or have just been beat up they have hidden potential. Its there if you have the desire to make some thing out of it. This past weekend Husband and i visited a few neighborhood garage sales, and while we did get a few things that don't need any help from me that we just liked we also picked up a few things that were headed for the landfill... a window box in great shape that was just unwanted, all it needed was a coat of paint, nothing too exciting there, that took about an hour to paint and after we build some simple brackets it will be under my front window with herbs and a whatever cheap annuals that i find.
we also picked up an incredibly beat up garden bench that needs help to make it special, and er.. useful. We'll see how it goes.

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