Tuesday, June 8, 2010

always have a few projects going at once.. sigh!

So we didn't make it to the hardware store for sandpaper, BUT we did go to the goodwill and salvation army stores last night on the way home from my eye doctors appointment which is ALWAYS fun! especially if you have a new found love for mosaic. So... im going to be mosaicing a flower pot. I already have done one flower pot and its REALLY easy and fun to do. About a month ago Husband and I got some HUGE totes and buckets full of broken tiles from Lowes, for $10 and I've been hooked ever since! Ive done a flower pot already and I did a little jewelery box with sea glass for a wedding gift for my sister. BUT today, I will be doing a new project. I bought TONS of plates at the thrift stores, spent about $20 and Im going to be using those to mosaic the new flower pot. Most of the tile we got was white or beige (ugh.. i am NOT a beige person!) but most of the plates we got have COLOR! some are old fine china which is mostly white but have nice flowers. I also got a new flowerpot to do (79 cents!!!!!) I already painted the pot to seal it, using old paint testers we got a few years ago when we couldn't pick a color for our living room! Im going to get started breaking some dishes here in a few (OPA!) I also have some brand new tile nippers to clean up any messed up parts.

ANOTHER project purchased yesterday- a teacup and saucer, which will become a tiny birdbath for my garden ( i LOVE my garden) All i need is a copper tube and a flange , because i already have epoxy. Im going to epoxy the cup to the saucer, saucer to the flange, screw on the flange and stick it in the ground! Pretty pretty!

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  1. Our local nursery always has a bin of broken pottery and such but I've never been brave enough to give mosaicing (is that a word?) a try. I'd love to see some photos of your completed projects. Maybe they'll inspire me to finally give it a go!


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