Thursday, July 1, 2010

Finished projects!

I got this a few weeks ago at a yard sale for FREE! the husband and i sanded it down, then i took out all sorts of pent up aggression on it with a hatchet, a hammer, a box cutter and various other blunt and sharp objects to make it look older and weathered. I mean it had been outside for lord knows how long, but it needed more a more convincing finish. Then we painted it a nice yellow (from paint left over from painting a bedroom color was from Valspar, called pirate treasure) and then we went over it with red left over from painting our living room ( valspar again but no color name because we color matched it from a tapestry my mom gave me) and wiped off some areas. We also had to switch out some hinges because the hinges were rusted beyond sanity. now it is living in my kitchen by my back door full of dog stuff, leashes harnesses treats toys etc. that were formerly taking over the kitchen table. total SPENT on this project $4.75 for sandpaper and hinges, everything else we already had! AWESOME! it really makes a huge difference in our admittedly blah kitchen.

NOW onto the window box, it was yellow, and not the yellow of my house, so we painted it up... bought some cheap metal L brackets, and a few big ol' bags of dirt, and REALLY cheap (except one) annual plants from the "rescue" rack at lowes, (if you are wondering the rescue rack is where they put the plants that are looking pretty crappy that sell for at least 50% off.) I think we spent a total of $40 for dirt brackets and plants, the paint was free because its the trim color of our house and we Already had it! a little expensive but totally worth it I think im the only house on the block with a window box, and i have a mild obsession with my garden.

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog! Your bench is so cute and awesome deal for getting it FREE! Your window box is cute and looks so inviting.


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