Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Black and White Wednesday 2

This weeks Black and White Wednesday inspired by Natural Suburbia is a picture of a horse that lives down the road, a while back husband brought home the "nice camera" from work for the weekend to appease me for losing my camera and we drove around town taking pictures of silly things. I always love seeing this horse as a former horse farmer far from my roots it just makes me happy. He always has a few birds following him around and I love how you can still see the fence it adds a little bit of interest and texture.

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  1. Hello! Thanks for visiting my blog, and I'm sorry I'm late getting back to you! I too was a "big time 4-Her" and it's always so exciting to meet someone else who participated in this wonderful organization. I didn't have horses, though...I had rabbits!!!

    The picture is gorgeous! Have a great day!


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