Saturday, July 3, 2010

Progress report... SLOW

Sanding is going really really slow. I can do about a half hour at a time and only one or two times a day because of the knee, the crouching is a bit much for my disintegrated knee still, but i have one arm and part of the front done. Husband and i ran errands most of yesterday so I'm feeling really behind. Hopefully we can do some of it today, maybe at least get the rough sanding done, the wood is in good shape but the sanding is slow going because of all the build up of nasty.

On another note, while out on errands we went to one of the plant nurseries and i totally scored a free pallet, its in pretty good shape too! So I got some free wood, and I got an idea from Ana at Knock off Wood (HERE)for storage shelves made from pallets, so we have shelves made, cleaned off and sitting in my yard waiting for a little bath in baking soda and water to "age it" instantly! whooo hooo!

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