Saturday, July 24, 2010

Funny Furbaby Saturday #2

So this week's feature is BEAU!

Beau is my bloodhound, he is just, well weird.

A few weeks ago we were transplanting a tree from our back yard to our front yard and all day long Beau would come up and help us dig, a little here a little there, he is such a silly boy. Whenever we would look at him he would BOLT off and hide behind the shed. We got him at 6 months of age and I'm guessing he got in trouble for digging at his first home, we really just don't care, its a natural activity for dogs and it keeps their nails worn down so I don't have to trim them as often. He just doesn't seem to believe us that we don't care that he digs.

The best part of him digging is that his big ol' bloodhound ears get in the way and he falls on them!

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