Thursday, July 1, 2010

NEW project!

This Couch is UGLY!

The wood is absolutely maimed, DEEEEEEP scratches, Gouges, etc. and not in a pretty rustic way, more like in a small child took a machete to it whilst on coffee. there is also a lot of ground in nasty grease, dirt and its stained a not so fantastic color for where we need to use it.. in a basement where its already darkish, because oh yeah its a basement!

The fabric is GROSS, its nubby, scratchy and well, the color of poo. Not so pretty that... needs changed NOW.. ok maybe not NOW but soon.

I can't complain too much though we needed a nice sturdy couch for our basement and it was only $30. the wood alone would have cost more let alone the FOAM for the cushions.

The plan is to sand it down... already started YAY! but it will take forever cause this is Colorado and it gets INSANELY hot in the afternoon and i am not working in the sunlight to play a game of watch the redhead burn. (YES THE INSIDE OF MY GARAGE GETS MASSIVE AMOUNTS of sunlight in the afternoon) so i only work on in the AM or in the LATE LATE evening.

After staining I'll add a few " rustic details" AKA i will again beat it up a little bit, again not making it look like i described above more sporadic, more controlled.

Picked up stain last night, its called Golden Pecan by Minwax. MUCH lighter than the current color and it reminds me of the stains that my grandpa always used when i was little, I love that color, it makes me happy.

I am excited to get started on it, it'll be a lot of work, but i am totally okay with that.. I'm still crippled so its something I CAN DO!

Total Cost so Far $37.78 $30 for the couch, $7.78 for stain. I already have the sand paper....

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