Sunday, July 18, 2010

Garden Sunday #2

Meet the Illusive garden moose! This is my little bit of silly in my front garden! He hides under the daylily plant and protects the mint from my husband who would likely eat all of it! Isn't he cute? He makes me smile every time I go out my front door!

This is my salvia plant that is beside our little patio, it attracts sooo many honey bees! I love the honey bees, they just do their thing and don't bother anyone!

this is my diantus "heart attack" its a really interesting flower shape and i LOVE the color!

Delphinum: I love this one for its multi colors and layers, its so beautiful! the picture just doesn't do it justice!

Can you believe THIS is a columbine? its called Black Barlow, I saw it at a farmer's market and I HAD to have it! I LOVE the shape but i adore the color. I am known as the lady with the weird plants and i think this one takes the cake on the weird level, who has BLACK flowers? This girl!

And THIS is one of my favorite botanical discoveries ever, It might just look like another yellow daisy, but just another daisy it is not. It is planted by my front window, for good reason, i put all the best smelling things there. It is called chocolate flower, it smells like a good cup of hot chocolate, especially in the mornings, and that lovely smell wafts through my window to make my living room smell like I've been baking, which it is too hot to do. I highly recommend this plant, just give it space cause it gets big but its almost maintenance free all you have to do is pop off the dead flowers so they bloom longer!!!!

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