Sunday, July 11, 2010

Garden SUNDAY!

I have decided that i need at least one day where i don't need to worry about tracking down any craft projects I've done, or working on them so its GARDEN SUNDAY! In the winter it will be look at the snow Sunday or why hasn't it snowed sunday, But i digress. I hope you enjoy the pictures and thanks for reading!

Here are some pictures of my flowers and plants over the course of the year! All of these pictures were taken in what passes as "spring" in Colorado... May!

This is my mint plants, spearmint and chocolate mint, they are planted in my garden in a bucket, i recommend this method, plants in the mint family can and will go all invasive and crowd out your other plants, get in your yard and just be really irritating to control. PLANT IN A BUCKET!

this is my tulip! I got a bunch of forced tulips at the blue store for $1.50 a pot, only a few bloomed but i was okay with that they'll come back next year!

Lilacs! Lilacs! My husband loves lilacs, this was the first bit of vegetation we bought in 2008 when we bought our house, and this was the first year it bloomed, its real close to the front (giant) window so the smell came in the living room and it was great!

One of the MANY irises that i have, I got them for free from a neighbor, I got i think 3 plants now they are everywhere and I have shared them with my friends! They are beautiful, but in my postage stamp yard you CAN have too many!

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