Friday, July 9, 2010

My FIRST mosaic project EVER

I said I would get a picture of my first mosaic up last night but after my little dog rescuing adventure in the rain i didn't get the picture taken until just before bed and I was in SO much pain from over doing it on my poor injured knee that i wasn't going back down stairs to get the picture off my phone! So here is a few pictures of it. It is BY FAR one of my favorite projects this summer! As i said in the last post we got about 600 pounds of broken tiles from the BLUE big box hardware store for $10, I had the pot already, so we bought a tiny thing of liquid nail and a smallish bucket of white grout.

I just sat on an old beach towel on my living room floor and went to town, it took me about three hours to glue everything, mostly because it was trial and error and i was learning by doing! I let it dry over night and grouted in the morning!

Inside the pot is Oranges i dried myself at christmas, they don't really have that yummy smell anymore but they were still beautiful so i kept them! which by the way is a really easy and cheap thing to do!

I don't have a plant in it because i love it so much and i want it in my bedroom and my cat eats houseplants! So i have it on my dresser with the potpourri turtle that my husband got at a yard sale, it doesn't smell either but its adorable, he sits on top of an old storage box that i have had since college, a jar full of the dried flowers of my mother's wedding bouquet, and a little vase of fake cherry blossoms that i got a goodwill for a buck! (it still had a tag on it from pier 1, 19.95!!!) The picture in the background came from target and it had a chip in one of the upper corners so it was on clearance I fixed it with wood putty and paint!

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  1. That looks so good...I would love to do something like that to 2 large concrete planters on our front porch...would make them look so much nicer!!! Great job...and sorry about your sore knee!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am going to follow you so I can see more of your cute crafts. This pot is very cool! It is very natural-looking.

  3. Love the pot! I'm going to have to make me something like that. :o)

    Thanks for joining Crafty Friday!

  4. Your mosaic turned out great. I have to try this again! I did this to my kitchen window sill and it STILL looks good. Love the color and texture combo you used.

  5. I love this! I will be on the lookout for a deal on some tiles. Great job!
    thanks for stopping over and for the sweet comment on our fairy garden!

  6. Hi! I'm following you from someone's blog - LOL. Love your blog! I am from and - I'd love to have you come and visit me when you have a moment.

    Thanks! Tina "The Book Lady"

  7. Hi there...thanks for stopping by from NFF. I love that mosaic pot. It came out great..are you sure that was your first project? Can't wait to see that else you create with all of those broken tiles you purchased.


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