Saturday, July 17, 2010

Funny Furbaby Saturday

Saturdays I will try to feature a funny story and picture of my pets, this week I'll just introduce you to them! They are my kids, and always will be! I can't have children, maybe someday we will adopt but not until my husband is out of the military, with his job he is gone at least (and i mean LEAST) six months a year, so until then I have pets!

This is Phantom, she is our first kid. She is supposedly an Egyptian Mau mix, she is SMALL for a cat, she weighs in at 8 pounds! She's 5 years old, we adopted her in March 2005 when she was a little over a year old. She had a litter of kitties before we adopted her. She is a good cat, when she wants love she WILL get it, when she doesn't and you try you might get hurt!

This is Max, our second kid! He is about ten years old give or take, we adopted him in March of 2008 and the rescue said he was between 6-9 years old. He is a Golden Retriever mix, He is a goofy creature, he LOVES tennis balls and his daddy, he likes me. He does silly tricks when it serves his purposes. He is getting arthritic and doesn't get around as well any more, and he is allergic to the Remadyl, (doggy
NSAIDS) so it can be difficult!

This is Snowberry, our third kid! She is a pinto african pygmy hedgehog. We named her Snowberry because she has a white spot on her bum! We brought her home last September, and she's been making us laugh ever since! She's a nocturnal creature and we can hear her running on her wheel all night! Yes she is prickly but once she knows you she will "cuddle" up with you! She likes to ride around in hoodie/scrub pockets in the winter to keep warm. Just be careful if she licks you she thinks you have a flavor and might try to take a bite!

Last but not least this is Beauford Beauregard aka Beau, He is a ten month old registered bloodhound. We got him from a breeder in March, he was returned by his first family, I don't know why! He is HUGE first off and he LOVES me, he likes husband but I am his chosen one, which is handy because we are training him to track, because dogs need jobs! He can find me ANYWHERE! He isn't too big on toys but he loves to "find it" yes when he is looking for me the cue is "find it" because you never know what we'll be looking for and its a cue that doesn't sound like any of the other commands!


  1. Your babies are beautiful! We have four furbabies; two cats (Phelts & Junior Mint) and two dogs (Molly & Tinky Wink). They are our pride and joy!!

    I like how you differentiated who your pets "like" and who they "love." That is so the case in our house; each pet has their favorite parent!

  2. Some people think i am absolutely INSANE saying it that way, but its TRUE!


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