Monday, July 5, 2010

Nothing too exciting going on today

So I took yesterday off from my projects after an allergic incident involving watermelon (REALLY? why watermelon? Who has THAT allergy?) i was feeling pretty nasty all day so i just hung out on the couch. I'm feeling much better today so i figured i would get around to posting the picture frame that i refurbished.

I got the frame and the print from a guy on craigslist, the print is kind of kincade-esc with that shiny color shift thing and it is of an English Cottage with basically my DREAM garden on it. The problem being the frame was stained a dark walnut like color and instead of seeing the beautiful cottage you saw the frame, but the frame was in really good shape except for a few little scratches.

So i decided that since the sander was ALREADY out and i had already removed the glass and the print, I snuck the sander from the ugly couch area while husband was shoring up the bracing and sanded down the frame and out came a surprisingly lovely wood grain not a PERFECT grain, but it had beautiful movement and a big interesting knot. I hadn't decided up until then if i would stain it or paint it, we had already bought stain for the couch so I just used a little bit of that.

It came out BEAUTIFUL. The stain has a orangy-red tinge to it but not overpowering and it looks good on pine! After letting it dry for a day or two and while I reassembled the glass, print and matting, and cut my finger putting the glass back in, so i made my husband finish with that part. I absolutely LOVE how it turned out and I LOVE how i see the print first now! I can't wait until I can get it hung up in my master bathroom, but with the knee I won't be balancing on anything to get it up unsupervised.

*note in the picture you'll see the husbands arms because he didn't want to take pictures.. ugh.

Here is the Before picture.

Here's the sanding

Heres the bare wood

Here's the stain

and HERE is the finished product I LOVE it!

Thanks for reading!

Stain- Already had
Sandpaper-Already had
bandaid- 5 cents
Cost $5.05

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