Wednesday, July 7, 2010


So I am working on redoing a vase thingy i got at a yard sale today, but i have been so distracted all day by REALLY irritating phone calls from "cardholder services" and I have gotten to a human twice and when they answer and I ask them to remove me from the list I get hung up on, PLUS they shouldn't be calling at all since i don't know who they are, have never worked with them and I have been on the do not call list since I think 2005. So I had to navigate the "menu" at the Do Not Call Registry to report the number, again. Lets see how long the peace lasts. A week maybe.

When the husband comes home tonight i am planning on working on sanding the couch some more too, It's just easier if husband is home in case i get on the floor to sand and my knee locks up and I can't get back up. I learned that lesson last week when i ended up stranded on my garage floor for 45 minutes until the knee decided to work again. I couldn't even keep sanding cause the piece of sandpaper i was using was SPENT, and i was about a foot too far away from the pack of new sandpaper, it was really boring just being stuck there. Garage floors are none too exciting really.

Tomorrow i should have the vase finished up thus far i am quite pleased with how it is turning out so we shall see tomorrow how the end results look!

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