Thursday, July 15, 2010

Favorite Giveaways of the week!

The way I see it, EVERYONE loves to win things occasionally, so I'm going to post a few giveaways every week, and I'll keep it to one post a week so as to not annoy anyone with it but its only polite to share right?

First of the week is at

And it is for some AWESOME scrabble tile bracelets! I love the look of them and I like the little messages that were made with the scrabble tiles that are on the inside!

Check it out HERE

There is an awesome drawing here

for a mermaid treasure that is so cool and so different, you should go check it out! HERE

There is a scentsy giveaway HERE I've always wanted to check out scentsy products!

I LOVE the store chantelle Nicole Designs HERE I am in love with the bird on a branch necklace under Simply Unique. Its sooooo beautiful and yes simple.
Somewhat simple is having a giveaway for a $40.00 certificate to the store and I had to share because its one i would LOVE winning and I am not selfish so I'd like to give everyone a chance too! Check it out here!

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  1. How nice of you to share these links. I am sure the blogs with these giveaways are also pleased. It is always fun to win something!


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