Friday, July 9, 2010

A VERY special post

I am not a highly emotional person most of the time, I don't like to show people whats going on inside a lot, so it takes a lot to admit this post made me tear up because it has a special meaning to me personally.
One of the things that has shaped me into the person that I am is when my father passed away when i was thirteen. I grew up pretty fast after that, being very young and dealing with very adult emotions. I still have a few of my father's belongings that mean a lot to me. He was a teacher, actually MY teacher when i was in 5th grade so i have his briefcase, and his favorite shirt that he wore to school almost weekly, i also have his cologne and wallet. They are very special to me, and keep me close to my daddy. So this post and giveaway at Jeremiah 29:11 had a lot of meaning to me and I just wanted to share with my readers and followers and also i wanted to post on here to thank her for sharing it, it really did mean a lot to me.

Please check out the Post HERE it is very special


  1. Thank you so much....but not so much for sharing about my give-a-way...but for sharing your heart!!! How precious.
    Hope your weekend is blessed!!!
    P.S...I'm your newest follower!!!

  2. Found you on NFF! I lost my father as well. It does change your life really fast. Nice to meet you!

  3. Thanks for following me! I am now following you and I can't wait to see more projects from you. I am fairly new to blogging too and gained the majority of my readers from blog hops and blog parties. You are doing great!!! Hope your knee gets to feeling better soon.

  4. Thanks for sharing! It's a tough time to lose a parents. I'm looking forward to looking through your website. Found you at Lady Bloggers.


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