Monday, July 12, 2010

My Scrappy Vase!

I got this at a yard sale for a quarter, i tried to use it in its original state but the shiny copper bronze color just doesn't go with my style at all. So i decided to give it a make over, when its done it will go WAY up on the "plant shelf" in my bedroom. I figured if it is going WAY up there it wouldn't have any REAL flowers in it so why not just decoupage some old scrapbook paper on it? So I did.

I had the scrap paper for years, i used to put little messages on them and hide them in my husband's stuff when he was packing to deploy, but since he leaves a lot i was out of the cute little messages. I'll be getting more paper when he leaves again, but its nice to use it for something since i really do like it and i think the husband was getting sick of the same thing over and over again! So i tore the patterned pieces into strips and the solid pieces into squares.

I didn't have any modge podge but i always have Elmer's glue laying around, so I just added water and used an old paint brush to apply the paper to the vase. Just a random question here.. did they add a fragrance to Elmer's? It used to smell like... glue... now it has a sickening floral smell to it, it gave me a headache!

It took me a few hours because I lost my attention span a few times, and my cat decided she wanted to "play" and I ended up having to clean and bandage my foot pretty good after she shredded me.

Here are the current results,


I thought it needed something special added to it, i loved the kindof scrappy denim look so i added a flower!

I learned to make the petals from cute Like Fox HERE

Mine doesn't look nearly as good but it was my first attempt and I am proud to announce I ONLY stabbed my finger ONCE!

I used this pair of shorts I got at a yard sale for 10 cents, only to come home and find that they were too small ( why can't woman's jeans be in inches like guys???)

So I used a bottle of Aloe to trace a circle on the pants

Then I folded them in Half once, then folded it into quarters like this

Then I sewed the bottoms like this (its not very even but i haven't sewn anything since high school! I did all of the petals on one continuous loop then sewed the ends together, it got a little crooked but I LOVE it!

Then i cut a skinny strip of jeans and twisted it around and around, then i hot glued it to the hole in the center to cover up the (horrible) stitching

I cut the waistband off the pants and cut it to the right size to go around the vase. Then I hot glued the flower to around the button to the jeans,

Then i sized it once more, and put hot glued the two ends of the waist band of the jeans and wrapped them around the vase

AND THE FINISHED PRODUCT! Soon it will be gracing the plant shelf in my bedroom, once i can convince the husband to get the ladder upstairs and I can hand him all the things that need to go up there... ladders scare the living daylights out of me!


Vase 25 cents
Elmer's Glue 1.00 for a bottle
scrap paper- already had
jeans 10 cents
hot glue sticks already had
thread- already had


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Sumo Sweet Stuff The DIY Show Off



  1. What a cute idea! The vase looks completely different now -- great job!! :)

  2. love the waistband and the flower idea, added a wonderful touch : )


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